First Foodio: How to Eat Your Meat with 쌈 (Ssam)


My very first food video! Like………finally! Every friend of me must known my huge interest to foods (yes, yes you can tell it from my appearance kk) especially doing culinary trip! Blame my mother I have this hobby containing foods so I happen to gain more weight instead of losing some.

Readers also know I have this huge interest to Korean things, right? Then what happen when these two hobbies clash? Of course…Korean foods! No one can beat the best girls in the universe, Meuthia and Pinkan, when it comes to accompanying me to local Korean restaurants to taste some Korean foods, and thank God they love it too. Our favorite one is Korean BBQ and we have our way to taste it (well not exactly ours way because we kind of copy it from Korean dramas and variety shows, but well…) more deliciously, we might say, and as kind as I can be, I want to share it to my beloved readers.

Check out my new video below and the further explanation in the bottom!

Actually, the wraps can be customized as much as you want and the steps in the video as well as the ingredients chosen are based on my preference. You can put only meat on your wrap, or you want to put more ingredients there maybe some bean sprouts or nuts or as random as marshmallows, it depends on your choice and flavors fancy.

Example, I love kimchi and by putting in on my wrap I can get this sour sensation while gulping on the meat’s juice, or my friend who loves to put more roasted garlic to make it tastes crispier and more salty. It fully depends on your choices and you got a set of Banchan (side dish) in front of you so you can explore as much as you want.

Okay then, happy eating and good luck trying!


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