Babies Dance to Boys’ Song? What is Life

Yes. What is life if your beloved babies dance to your beloved boys’ song? Even when I already watch the fancam of this performance tons of time, it’s still amaze me how my k-babies look so great with suits and dancing to my boys’ song.

I just found out something a few days ago, that the amount of babies’ pictures exceeded boys’ pictures already and it’s a sad fact for me because I know that I went crazy every time I look for babies’ pictures and I somehow not really searching for my boys’. I hope my super boys will comeback anytime soon because I miss spazzing over them so much.

End of mumbling. Just take a look at the video of my amazing EXO-K babies dancing to Super Junior boys’ mega hit “Sorry, Sorry” at Dream Concert 2012 below!

And just to remind you, here it is Super Junior’ performance of Sorry, Sorry at Dream Concert 2009

cr : namja1to4uniqueyajy


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