Official Pictures of SMTOWN at the Airport Heading to LA : Super Junior (46p) + DL Link

Following my babies departure in the afternoon, my boys were seen at the number one airport in the world a.k.a. Incheon International Airport in the evening to take the 8PM KST flight to LA.

When seeing my babies look so panjjak panjjak earlier today, it’s understandable because they are still young and just in the ages to look fashionable and lovely, but as much as my love to my boys I don’t freaking understand why they are lovelier each day.

One that catch my attention was Eunhyuk didn’t look as outstanding as the last time we saw his airport fashion, but honestly I love his sense of fashion just sometimes I feel it doesn’t suit the style I want my boyfriend wear haha another thing that surprised me was Kyuhyun who is always wearing shoes that I like the most among everyone’s, I think his taste resembles mine ke.

Just check out some official pictures of my boys at the airport below, look gorgeous as always šŸ™‚

DL Link : Mediafire (size: 7MB)

cr: bnt news, city daily, SMTOWN Facebook page, MK Sports, mydaily, Newsen, OSEN, Sport Korea, starN

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