Dramas and Favorite OTPs

When someone asked me reasons why you love one drama, the OTP will be my top list. Even when the story sucks, if the OTP chemistry blooms like flowers in spring season then the drama will be forgiven.

My ability to call my memories back is limited. So I’ll just share some beloved OTPs from drama I’ve watched that I remember this time. It’s my own version of favorites. Don’t blame me if it doesn’t match your choice.

Should I start with the oldest? My first Korean drama was Autumn Tale with young Song Seung Hoon and Song Hye Kyo as the OTP. I love the drama and all the tears, but I wasn’t in the stage to love the OTP yet. I start with Goong or people usually familiar with the Princess Hours name.

Dear my beloved Lee Shin and Chae Kyung, why you sent another random prince instead both of you back with babies and told us that you live happily ever after? I don’t really interest with the sequel, but I saw the OTP and unfortunately they couldn’t beat my ShinKyung chemistry. Whenever I re-watch Goong, I always skip all of the monarchy thingy and enjoy the sweetness of our future King and Queen. Hope to see Ji Hoon and Eun Hye in another rom-com. Please come back faster with sexier look from the army, Prince Shin!

Youthful, musical, and cute chemistry. That’s You’re Beautiful to me. I hadn’t love Korean music industry this much at that time. I didn’t know that 2 of the main leads are rocker vocalist of 2 rock bands from the same company. Eh, we are in the middle of talking about OTPs here, sorry. I miss my Tae Kyung and Go Mi Nam. And even Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye on the same screen. I miss seeing them as a pair. PSH is currently playing a drama with Go Min Nam’s not-so-secret admirer, Jung Yong Hwa a.k.a. Shin Woo. It must be a pleasure for Team Shin Woo-Mi Nam, but as Team Tae Kyung-Mi Nam I have to be honest that they look so cute together. I miss my casual look JGS. He has been a rocker for some time and I just wish he can back to his look in Baby & I era. My drama related inspiration, ockoala, shipa JGS with Moon Geun Young and it’s a sad she’s not in the same boat with me this time.

While ockoala senior loves her GeunGeun so much, I paireup both of Geuns with someone else. The chemistry between Moon Geun Young and Chun Jung Myung wasn’t that great honestly. But, they are uber cute and was like vitamin A for my eyes in Cinderella’s Sister so I love them anyway. With that look, I couldn’t believe that Mr. Chun and I have 13 years age gap. The Duo show his real age a bit, with beard and mustache he’s kinda looks old yet still look cute in some way. What funny is the fact that all the leads look much younger than their actual age except the maknae (youngest), Taec Yeon, who looks older than the other. Don’t bash me, Hottest, I love 2PM really, but even Taec Yeon himself admits this fact. One more thing, excuse me Ki Hoon oppa, can you call me in the same tone like you call your Eun Jo?

The longer I look at this couple, the more I love them. They just matched each other both visually and chemistry. The fact that Shin Min Ah is actually older than Lee Seung Gi doesn’t affect at all. They are so lovely I want them to have half-fox-half-human babies on-screen and many cute peach-skin-color babies off-screen. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is my first online drama. The first drama I watched before the DVDs come out and the first drama that makes me feel eager to meet another week for about 2 months. I want to hear Hoi-Hoi song again. I want my Woong-ah show me how his jet-set life be after his Mi Ho come back. I want more Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah moments or Cha Dae Woong and Mi Ho moments, I don’t care sob sob.

Finally, school life!! People actually had low expectation for Dream High because almost all of the casts are not a real actor/actress, but idols. In fact, Dream High was a great success. Kim Soo Hyun turns into CF prince after his adorable performance as Song Sam Dong in Dream High. Suzy also can prove that she could be robot Go Hye Mi despite her sexy, cute performance with Miss A. I love Sam Dong and Hye Mi. Dream High maybe not a romance drama and the love lines wasn’t its all about, but who is the real OTP always been a hot topic when we talk about Dream High. There are Team Jin Guk-Hye Mi and Team Sam Dong-Hye Mi. Hye Mi likes Jin Guk all the way till we didn’t even know when suddenly she doubts her own feeling. As a forever SamMi shipper, I lied if I say I 100% sure that Hye Mi will end up with my pumpkin country boy Sam Dong. I support them till the end and thanks writer or whoever decided the storyline, my waiting wasn’t a waste. In real life, Suzy likes Soo Hyun better than Taec Yeon. Can I expect more, then?

Latest couple I love. City Hunter have been great with the acts and storyline, but what attracts me the most is the chemistry between the OTP, Yoon Sung and Nana. It’s bad in its couple last episodes we couldn’t see much lovey dovey interaction between them. Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young are beautiful, your eyes won’t hurt seeing them, but as a couple, it’s all up to your perception just like the others.


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